Our Story

Mardles was conceived and lovingly brought to life by Sharon and James. Their journey began in 2014 when Sharon first saw Augmented Reality being used in a furniture brochure and wondered why this technology hadn’t been used for children to enjoy. Sharon teamed up with her good friend James, who is a bit of a tech-head, together they came up with the Mardles concept.

After months of research, questionnaires and focus groups with children, parents and grandparents, Mardles were born. The first products to be launched were the 4D Interactive Stickers that come to life using a FREE Augmented Reality app!

After a very successful first year, the Mardles team developed discovAR 4D Interactive Colouring Books, which launched in 2016. These were closely followed by Mardles 4D Interactive Storybooks, and Mardles 4D Interactive Magic Masks in 2017.

The story doesn’t stop there as, in 2021, the brand was purchased by the talented developers at Harmony Studios and further exciting product ranges are in development for the future of play!