Mardles: stickers that use augmented reality technology to bring them to life.

Riley’s verdict: ‘This one is my best friend. I think girls would like this and boys too.’

What does a four year old think of Europe’s biggest toy fair? – January 27th 2016

THE SUN’s ‘Top 10 Toys for 2016’

Number 4: Mardles – £5 for 12. Stickers that come to life on your phone

“What really stands out, wowing even tech-savvy kids who are well aware of augmented reality, is that once the target sticker has been read, the generated object is no longer anchored to the picture. A jet plane can be flown around a room, or a unicorn can walk up your arm, all in real time.”

“Certainly the most affordable tech-related toy at this year’s Toy Fair, and one that’s likely to keep kids entertained for a good while.”

The Best Tech Toys of London Toy Fair 2016 – January 26th 2016

“Mardles stickers could well take playgrounds across the nation by storm in 2016, if these £4.99 sticker packs start to capture the imagination of the kids as much as they captured ours at Toy Fair 2016 this week!”

10 Tech Toys To Bring Out Your Inner Child – January 27th 2016

“A great example of the virtual being overlayed over real life and creating an incredible augmented reality scenario.”

Favourites from the show (Toy Fair 2016) – January 25th 2016